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Welcome back to another exciting week of social media updates. As always Spark Bites has you covered! This week Facebook launched 3D photos for the platform, Instagram is testing a new way for you to look through your feed and Pinterest adds some new shopping features! Time to sit back, grab a snack and read on!



  • Ever heard of Facebook Watch? If you haven’t get ready, because this Spring the platform is bringing something new to The Real World! Fans will be able to vote on who will join the cast and connect with housemates. This seems like Facebook’s attempt to compete with YouTube Originals and Snapchat Discover’s Shows. Hopefully people start noticing this feature because it’s time to “stop being polite and start getting real”!

  • Stop! Thief! Looks like Facebook is still cracking down on stolen content and false information. This doesn’t mean they’ll start banning pages sharing this type of content (yet), but there are two key elements Facebook will focus on. One, they will take a more proactive role in stopping the spread of political misinformation. Two, Facebook will introduce a new News Feed algorithm update, which will demote links to sites that re-publish and redistribute content without permission, and flood those pages with ads. Sounds good, but will Facebook ever gain the public’s trust again?
  • Project Ripley? Is that a new Alien movie? Nope, sorry to disappoint! It’s the name of Facebook’s new hardware that connects to your TV, just like a Chromecast! The main difference is that Project Ripley will add video calling capability to your TV. It would also promote trending social media content, as well as Facebook’s own series and IGTV series. Currently, this is only a rumour, so who knows what the future holds for Project Ripley.
  • Is real life not 3D enough for you? If you said yes, it’s your lucky day! Facebook has rolled out 3D photos, which has the effect of adding “depth” to your portrait mode photos! 3D images in Facebook will respond your movements, which will create the “depth” effect. Sharing your 3D photo is as easy as sharing a photo like you normally would, just make sure to click the 3D Photo option! Life is just better in 3D.

  • Low quality ads? On my feed? Facebook says no more! The platform has recently announced a new set of restrictions and penalties for brands that post “low quality” ads. There are three main factors that will qualify an add as “low quality”. Engagement bait, withholding information, and sensationalized language. So, what are these penalties? Basically, your ads will get less reach. There will be a reduced distribution in Facebook’s ad auction and if there are multiple ads flagged, it may impact everything from that advertiser. Solution: make better ads!



  • 4a3e46as688980980asadfr. No, I did not fall asleep on my keyboard, that nonsense was what a lot of Twitter users were getting as notifications this past Tuesday. Fear not, Twitter has since sorted out the issue. A lot of users feared hacking was the cause, but it was cleared up as a little issue with code. Phew, #4a346as68898.

  • Looks like your favorite TV show and Twitter have just become best friends! Twitter is trying out new TV show specific tweet collections and ‘annotations’. So now, when something dramatic happens on the Bachelor this season, there will be an entire event page where everyone can share their opinion! The event pages will go live 30 minutes before an episode airs and will compile tweets and hashtags related to the show! Your favorite show just got a little better!


  • Break the rules and pay the price. Twitter is changing how it shows removed and reported tweets. If you report any tweets, Twitter will hide them from your timeline so you no longer have to see them. If you are on the other end, and have your tweet reported, your tweet will be seen as “unavailable.” All this makes Twitter a safer and more friendly platform for users!



  • Swiping to browse is just so tiring on your thumb. Luckily for tired thumbs everywhere, Instagram is testing a new way for users to look through your feed. Instead of swiping, just tap! Each image will perfectly fill your screen, and to see the next post, just tap again. This feature is still in the testing phase, but it sounds interesting. My thumb needs a break anyway.



  • It’s October and you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet?! Lucky for you, Pinterest has three updates, all to help you shop! The first is an update to its Product Pins, which will now replace Buyable Pins across the board. They are also adding a new shopping recommendations section beneath Style and Home Pins, enabling users to browse similar items across multiple brands. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a “shopping shortcut” which will allow users to shop straight from the feed. Time to shop!



  • Sometimes it not always about who’s top dog. LinkedIn has updated its algorithm to generate more engagement on users’ posts. This comes after it found that people weren’t posting updates as often because the algorithm had too heavily emphasized content from top creators. What does this mean for you? More reach for your updates, and more engagement!


That’s all folks! This week’s roundup is all done, but make sure to check back next week for all your social media needs. Until next time!

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