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Just a day on the job explained through gifs.

What people think you do everyday

When you find the perfect educational article to post

When you see a competitor’s post has a spelling mistake

When a customer messages you asking if they could get the product for free if they endorse your brand on Facebook

How you feel about using the same weekly hashtag in your editorial calendar

How you feel when an SEO expert starts talking too fast

When someone famous retweets something you posted

When you first saw the new Facebook insights

When you think you may of tweeted something from the wrong account

When you explain EdgeRank to your friends

When you show someone the new Instagram account you created for your client

When a competitor is overly promotional

When your client’s website host is down

How your office reacts when your client’s page reaches 1,000 likes

And that satisfied feeling you get when your clever post gets a lot of shares.

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