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Your business’s blog is one of your most important marketing assets and a key way to distribute content to your customers and prospects.  Your content, which can include articles, videos, photos, eBooks, tips, brochures and more, provides a way to demonstrate credibility in your space, communicate news and topics of interest to your audience, provide training resources, and encourage engagement and ultimately signups and purchases.

Your content can also help to improve and maintain your search engine ranking for important keywords searched by your audience.

This article by Hubspot, discusses the 7 places you should be thinking about developing content for within your website – BEYOND YOUR BLOG!

And this isn’t just some initial static content that will sit on your webpage for years to come.  It is content that should be dynamic and fresh and updated on an ongoing basis to ensure there is new and useful information available for returning and new visitors to your site.

The quick rundown of the 7 places to consider adding ongoing content:
1.  Newsroom – press releases and announcements
2.  Resource center – learning and support material, links to other useful resources
3.  Products and services – keeping info on your available products and services up to date and in the formats customers expect (e.g., FAQs, whitepapers, videos, etc.)
4.  Product details – rich information on products, including user reviews, photos, the latest specs, video
5.  Learning center – use cases and how-tos
6.  Multimedia content library – podcasts, webcasts, videos, etc.
7.  Testimonials and reviews – continue adding recent client testimonials and provide customers with the ability to add their own reviews and discuss their experiences with your product or service

Lots of great ideas – check out the full article here.

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