Revitalizing the Leading
Prescription Prenatal Vitamin Brand

The Challenge

After 30+ years as a leading pharmaceutical and vitamin brand in the U.S., Vitafol understood that new audiences needed to be reached to achieve further growth for the company. Historically focused on traditional marketing, the brand had a limited online presence outside of its own website, which was originally developed with a heavy emphasis on the products.

Spark Growth was brought on to redesign Vitafol’s website, update the brand’s customer journey and marketing funnel, and develop an engaging and targeted social media program using both organic and paid strategies to strengthen brand awareness among Vitafol’s key audiences.

The Action

Moved away from a product-centric approach to a more patient-centric journey. This included a complete revamp of the Vitafol website and creating three unique customer journeys based on their specific audience. This included a redesign of the entire website.

Developed a holistic digital marketing program encompassing both organic content and paid social media ads. This included establishing social media channels from the ground up on Instagram and Facebook.

Launched a series of social media ad campaigns with unique targeting in order to reach Vitafol’s distinct audience segments. This included ongoing optimization, creative refreshes, and implementing retargeting strategies to move potential customers further down the marketing funnel.

Developed fully researched, patient-centric articles as part of our blogging program. These included educational content that provided additional value on the Vitafol website.

The Results

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Achieved 6.3M impressions on Facebook and Instagram with advertising

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Achieved 2,900+ page likes after launching Facebook Page over 6 months

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Achieved 13.9% Google search ad conversion rate on key website actions

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Doubled the number of new website users in 2021 compared to the previous year

The Action

✔️ Designed an extensive rework of the website, centered around where the patient is in their pregnancy journey, Vitafol.com.

✔️ Developed organic social media content on Instagram and Facebook that focused on engaging, relatable, and educational content

✔️ Developed social media content that focused on health and wellness, fitness, nutrition and parenting