Developing a Customer-centric Journey on Social Media

The Challenge

Viant was primarily using its LinkedIn channel to share key announcements, but knew that social media users were looking for more engaging and valuable content. The medical device manufacturing company wanted to cultivate leads and drive views for important educational content and case studies. We launched a more customer-friendly journey that guided the customer through the marketing funnel by developing a strategic B2B LinkedIn advertising program combined with a more engaging and informative organic social media presence.

The Action

Transforming Viant’s use of social media from a traditional marketing channel to a more holistic, multi-tactic approach that spanned the full buyer journey

Developed educational copy and custom branded imagery that naturally led clients from brand awareness to consideration to purchase/partnership

Maximized organic social media content reach through methods such as a time of day analysis, targeted hashtag usage, and a LinkedIn advertising program.

Implemented a targeted ad program sharing key pieces of educational content that supported Viant’s messaging and values

The Results

Achieved 6.3M impressions on Facebook and Instagram with advertising

30,000+ LinkedIn profile views in 2021


Reduction in LinkedIn cost per click over the course of two years (2021 vs 2019)


Reduction in LinkedIn cost per landing page click in 2021 vs. 2019


Reduction in LinkedIn cost per landing page click in 2021 vs. 2020