Promoting a New One-of-a-kind Birth Control Through a Patient-Centric Strategy

The Challenge

After working with the Exeltis team on its Vitafol brand, their team engaged with Spark Growth once again to promote and educate audiences about Slynd® , the company’s unique birth control pill that was the first in its category. Slynd® ’s innovative formulation makes it the first progestin-only pill (POP) to offer a 24-hour missed pill window.

The Action

Defined product branding, messaging, and online visual identity

Developed a holistic digital marketing campaign encompassing every stage of the patient’s journey with targeted content at the top, middle, and bottom of the marketing funnel

What we achieved for Slynd®

website clicks icon

342 million Ad impressions 

eCommerce icon

11.3% conversion rate (7% above benchmark)

Influencer Marketing & Engagement icon, a Spark Growth service

1.58 million impressions (+1.38 million from previous year)

Paid Social icon, a Spark Growth service

10.6 million Ad impressions with a conversion rate of 11.4% to the website (6.8 above benchmark)

How did we make that happen?

It was important for us to take a patient-centric approach, rather than a product-centric approach. Understanding each segment of the audience meant creating more personalized content that spoke to each of these groups across different touchpoints, including social media, online ads, and the Slynd® website. Below, we’ve outlined some of the different components our team delivered in order to drive different objectives.

Top of the funnel

Introducing consumers to this new product and ensuring they are adequately educated about its benefits and differentiators were crucial goals at this step of the consumer journey. To develop a patient-centric approach, we focused our content on delivering valuable educational content to improve brand awareness.

✔️ Designed and defined Slynd® ’s visual branding, including an extensive rework of the website, Slynd.com.

✔️ Developed organic social media content on Instagram and Facebook that focused on engaging, relatable, and educational content

✔️ Partnered with a production firm to design video ads that speak to each of the different customer segments

✔️ Partnered with OB/GYN influencers and other healthcare practitioners to increase brand awareness and credibly communicate product differentiators. We focused on health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, parenting and body positivity-focused influencers.

✔️ Launched a holistic paid advertising campaign that spanned different platforms and media, including social media ads, audio/podcast ads, video display ads, and a Connected TV campaign on female-focused streaming and over-the-top (OTT) digital TV networks

✔️ Researched and developed an ongoing blogging program that provided improved SEO for the Slynd® website with each new update and consumer-centric content for potential patients visiting the website.

Middle of Funnel

Our middle-of-funnel approach focused on continuing the conversation with potential consumers.

✔️ Launched a strategic ad retargeting program that was customized for each patient segment based on their individual needs. This included sharing additional relevant content that was related or complementary to what they were already exposed to at the top of the funnel.

Bottom of Funnel

Last but not least, our bottom-of-funnel strategy focused on empowering potential consumers to take the next step and choose Slynd® by ensuring that our client was top-of-mind and visible at key moments during their online activities.

✔️ Designed a strategic SEM strategy, focusing on converting patients who were actively searching for relevant phrases, such as birth control and low/no hormone contraceptives. Our SEM research and optimization ensured that Exeltis and its Slynd® product were placed in front of the right audience at the right time.


✔️ Developed competitor and differentiator-focused ads to further appeal to patients based on our SEM analysis of the industry.


✔️ Created a series of retargeting ads on social media, focusing on engaging with consumers to take action