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Educational Marketing Program to Promote Smoking Cessation and Boost Supplement Sales


  • Libertas wanted the world to quit smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle
  • Create a comprehensive and consumer-centric digital marketing strategy for the brand’s new launch product
  • Educate on the new product category: vitamins for smoking cessation


  • Build awareness on Libertas’ supplements that help quit smoking and reverse smoking damage
  • Drive online sales through Amazon

Our Approach

  • We developed a full-scale digital marketing program covering both organic and paid channels in order to build a strong foundation for Libertas’ new products
  • We used a consumer-centric approach to ensure educational content aligned with the consumer’s path to quitting smoking

The Actions

Educational Blogs

The educational blogging program improved site SEO ranking and educated consumers about related topics

User-Generated Content

Authentic and positive product reviews from real customers that shaped the brand voice

Email Marketing

The targeted email marketing campaign included copywriting, designing, and deploying ongoing email blasts

Paid Ad Program

The holistic paid ad program included top-performing channels Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Amazon

The Results

Increase in positive reviews and testimonials
generated by our user-generated content campaign

Increase in total website traffic
compared to the previous month with the same ad budget

Increase in the number of units sold
with our paid ad program compared to the prior monthly average using the same budget

Increase in impressions
and 112% increase in clicks from our pay-per-click campaigns