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Growing the Slynd® (drospirenone) Brand and Sparking National Conversations


  • Promoting a birth control brand within heavy marketing regulations from the FDA and compliance.
  • Connect to the customer audience on a deeper level to increase brand recognition.


  • Define branding, messaging, and online visual identity
  • Develop a holistic digital marketing campaign encompassing every stage of the patient’s journey with targeted content.
  • Increase brand awareness, website visits, and prescriptions.

Our Approach

  • Developed a patient-centric approach, rather than a product-centric approach.
  • Created more personalized content that spoke to each audience group across multiple touchpoints in the digital space.
  • Strategically crafted messaging to empower women and encourage more conversations about body positivity and birth control.

The Development of the #LetsLoveEveryBody Campaign 

“Let’s Love Every Body” is a national campaign designed to empower women to live life to the fullest while loving and accepting their bodies. The campaign features real stories from women of diverse body types, ages and cultural backgrounds discussing the need for every body (and everybody) to be loved, respected and welcomed in more spaces, especially in conversations about sexual health and birth control options.

The campaign created a connection between a topic that is very important for many women and Slynd, a company that can benefit women in many ways.


(+55% increase from the previous year) 

Bringing the Campaign to Life

To create the most effective campaign we created content that would reach our audience in multiple spaces and connect with them while they are consuming content online. 

These areas include:

  • Social media posts both organic and paid on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. 
  • Video content on YouTube and TikTok. 
  • Display and Google Search ads. 
  • Influencer marketing.

Refining Reach and Targeting Healthcare Practitioners

This expansion was complemented by partnerships with healthcare-specific DSPs like PulsePoint and DeepIntent, enhancing our precision in reaching both healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and potential patients.

The use of National Provider Identifier (NPI) lists enabled targeted campaigns aimed at HCPs with specific specialties and high prescription rates, ensuring Slynd reached the most relevant professionals.

We also used some of these platforms to target potential patients based on their clinical data and past prescriptions.

These platforms also offered insights into script lift attributable to our digital efforts, offering a clearer view of our campaign’s influence on prescription numbers. The integration of analytics tools like Ostro furthered our ability to monitor prescriptions and web traffic, providing a holistic view of our digital footprint.

The Results

The rebrand didn’t just paint Slynd in a new light; it amplified the meaning of its presence, weaving the brand more deeply into the fabric of its audience’s lives.

The development of the #LetsLoveEveryBody campaign created an ongoing narrative that has continuously engaged and drawn in our target audiences.

  • Slynd is consistently in the top 10 most prescribed oral contraceptive brands in the U.S. (Dec 2022 – Mar 2024)
  • Ranked in the Top 20 most trafficked Pharma sites in the US 

 YoY growth in prescription cycles since we’ve started working together