Amy Noelle is the culinary genius behind Sugar Flower Cake Shop.  Sugar Flower Cake Shop creates unique special occasion and wedding cakes made from local and sustainable ingredients featuring realistic-looking flowers handmade from sugar.  We thought we'd ask her a few questions about how she's mastered social media for her business.  Here are some of her "slices" of advice: When do you like to post? How often do you post? I like to post when I actually have something to say.  The timing varies, though.  We are more active on the weekends as that is when our cakes are ready for their close-ups.  I recently learned a handy-dandy trick from Andrew and Pooja at Spark Growth Partners who dazzled me with the ability to schedule Facebook posts.  I just started this today and have posts ready for the rest of the week!!  Super excited that I don't have to remember to put super important posts out there when I know I'm going to be busier in the shop. What are your favorite blogs? Sugar Flower Cake Shop has a great relationship with Martha Stewart Weddings, so I'm always tuned into that blog.  We follow a ton of wedding industry professionals to see what they are up to.  My favorite non-wedding blogs are from NYC Business Solutions (helping to keep me on track as a business owner) and Urban Simplicity (helping to keep my stuff, and sometimes my brain, organized!)