We’re analytically driven, creatively inspired thinkers who know how to do.

Spark Growth Branding

We’re a full service branding partner, from research and strategy, to message and visual identity development through to online implementation and promotion.

Spark Growth Web


We create websites, landing pages and microsites that embody brand strategy, engage our clients’ most valuable audiences, and extend the value of our online activations.

Spark Growth Social Media

We find the online communities that drive real, desirable action for our clients end engage them through innovative campaigns and content.

Spark Growth Paid


We harness the wealth of data shared online to deliver the right message, to the right audience, where they’re most likely to take action online.

Spark Growth Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Our email strategies harness and foster our client’s most valuable connections, transitioning them onto a platform where we can build trust and convert to desirable action.

Spark Growth Analytics


We’re data geeks, obsessed with understanding the landscape that our clients operate in, using insight to develop sound strategy and constantly measuring and optimizing our results.

Our Proven Process


Brand Discovery

Work to understand your business, the industry landscape, and target audience, and define clear business goals.


Brand Clarity

Create brand clarity by establishing a defined messaging strategy and visual identity.



Establish a content mix and channel strategy across social media, web and email.


Testing & Optimization

Test and optimize customer segments and messaging to determine actual cost per acquisition, and zero-in on top performing content and targeting combinations.


Metrics & “One Number”

Analyze current and historical client data and industry insights. Define a set of key performance indicators, including the top desired business outcome — your One Number.


Drive Action

Establish an ongoing cycle of strategy, content creation, optimization and analysis to drive continuous improvements and to make a real business impact.

How we’re different

  • We set and achieve actionable business goals, not vanity metrics.
  • We’re a long-term strategic partner that helps you meet business goals year after year.
  • We’re values driven.
Spark Growth iPad

Our Guarantee

If we don’t achieve the annual business goal set together — your One Number — we’ll work for free until we do.

One Number

We keep our eyes on the prize. At the beginning of our work with clients, we analyze historical performance data, landscape and industry insights and your overall business objectives to set your One Number. That number is not a communications metrics, but a true business outcome, whether that’s B2B leads, consumer sales or letters to Congress.