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Raising Awareness about Teen Suicide Prevention

The Mental Health Association (MHA) of Essex and Morris Counties


  • Increase awareness of suicide prevention resources offered by MHA 
  • Develop content for teens with authenticity and relatable messaging
  • Create trust with the audience to engage users over sensitive topics


  • Significantly grow MHA’s reach 
  • Drive more conversations about mental health and reduce stigma regarding talking about suicide prevention. 

Our Approach

  • We created a visual design strategy that would not only be engaging but also foster trust with the audience.
  • The strategy also focused on creating shareable ads that our audience would repost to expand our reach. 

“I want people to know that what MHA says is true… mental illness is real, but more importantly, recovery is possible. I am living proof.”

The Results

Our strategic ad optimization process yielded effective results in helping our client reach their goals.

2021 Social Winners
Campaigns & Series-Public Service & Activism

The 2021 American Business Awards
Youth Marketing Campaign of the Year

We also saw an increase in website registrations and contacts, both of which were not the primary goal of the campaign, but the impressive results illustrated the effectiveness of our advertising program.

Given the limited budget, we were able to make each marketing dollar go further in order to get results that our clients were very happy with.

Link Clicks

Results compared to MHA’s previous marketing efforts:

decrease in Cost per Reaction

increase in the Number of Posts saved

decrease in Cost per Post Save

decrease in Cost per Link Click

Visual Strategy

Our creative concepts used a combination of illustrated visuals, real-life photography, and videos to tell a story from a variety of perspectives.

For the youth audience, it was clear that ad visuals needed to stand out but remain relatable. With a goal to create more authentic messaging for struggling teens, our “texting videos” series was a top-performing format.