Melitta USA

The Challenge

Melitta is known for being the brand that invented the paper coffee filter, and with it the pour-over coffee brewing process as we know it today. While Melitta has found most of its U.S. success selling coffee filters and grounds in the past, by the time the company reached out to Spark Growth, the brand was launching a new line of pour-over coffeemakers intended to attract more high-end coffee consumers to the brand. This new goal relied heavily on social media and digital marketing to drive the product awareness efforts.

The Action

  • Through creative ideation and graphic design work, Spark Growth established an original social brand aesthetic that aligned with the new high-end customer demographic Melitta wanted to reach
  • Designed a landing page for the pour-over product line launch to give users a unique destination to learn more about the product and brand
  • Developed target audience groups based on consumer research findings to drive paid Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube efforts
  • Arranged and led creative direction on a lifestyle product photo shoot

The Results

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114,000 impressions in the month of new product launch

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Achieved 14,535 organic engagements in October

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2,000,000+ impressions in October alone, 6 months after new product launch


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