Cisco Stealthwatch

The Challenge

Network visibility is an extremely important and sometimes overlooked aspect of cybersecurity. Cisco’s marketing team engaged Spark Growth to spread awareness for Stealthwatch, a comprehensive network monitoring and analytics product, and to ultimately drive potential clients down the acquisition funnel. Spark Growth established the Guardians of the Network campaign to gain behind-the-scenes insight into the Stealthwatch product, and to further establish Cisco as a thought leader in network security.

The Action

  • Strategized and activated the Guardians of the Network campaign concept, aiming to shed light on the staff who help keep clients safe from cyber attacks
  • Organized and executed an office photoshoot to capture behind-the-scenes snapshots of the Stealthwatch staff
  • Interviewed and crafted unique profiles for each employee to be featured on the Guardians of the Network landing page
  • Generated engaging social content across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote the campaign

The Results

impressions icon

70,000+ organic impressions during the 2 month campaign

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4,000 total organic traffic to the Guardians of the Network web page in 2 months

Influencer Marketing & Engagement icon, a Spark Growth service

9/10 posts with the highest engagements on social media pages were Guardians of the Network content


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