Social Videos for Niche Consumer Audiences: Slynd® Birth Control

The Challenge

The Exeltis team engaged Spark Growth to both promote and educate audiences about Slynd®, the company’s unique birth control pill. Slynd®’s innovative formulation makes it the first estrogen-free oral contraceptive to offer a 24-hour missed pill window.

The Action

To promote Slynd®, our team led the development of the “Discover Slynd®” video series, which aimed to educate consumers about the advantages of estrogen-free birth control and position Slynd® as a leading estrogen-free option.

We developed consumer-centric messaging which aimed to appeal not only to the mass market but also to niche segments where the use of estrogen-free birth control is beneficial to the consumer’s specific lifestyle and health conditions. These niche segments included breastfeeding mothers, women with a high BMI, and women with pre-existing high blood pressure contions.

Working with video production company Bear In The Hall, Spark Growth helped the strategic development of four videos that combined strategically targeted messaging and relevant visuals which would appeal to each of these demographics.

Messaging was fine-tuned with focus group research. For instance, we discovered that “24-hour missed pill window” was not as easily understandable as “24-hour window to catch up on a missed pill.” Similarly, “progestin-only” was not as easy to understand as “estrogen-free,” so “estrogen-free” language became a key focus point for all the video campaigns.

The Results

The videos communicated our messaging in a way that images alone could not do. By featuring women from all walks of life, the campaign was able to effectively demonstrate the many patient types that could benefit from Slynd®.

As our first foray into YouTube, the results were amazing. The spend level was high right off the bat and costs were average to start. Through ongoing optimizations like targeting specific channel subscribers, the campaign became even cheaper and more effective over time. These videos were also added to our social media campaigns and far outperformed even our best image ads.

Discover Slynd® (drospirenone) Estrogen-Free Birth Control

Objective: Drive Conversions
Views: 3,614,318
Impressions: 18,168,833
Cost per View: $0.04

Discover Slynd® (drospirenone) For Breastfeeding Moms

Objective: Drive Conversions
Views: 3,330,720
Impressions: 24,337,633
Cost per View: $0.05

Discover Slynd® (drospirenone) Estrogen Free

Objective: Drive Conversions
Views: 1,603,166
Impressions: 10,426,856
Cost per View: $0.05

Discover Slynd® (drospirenone) All Body Types

Objective: Drive Conversions
Views: 5,823,158
Impressions: 23,978,128
Cost per View: $0.02