Using Animation as an Educational and Promotional Tool for Slynd® Birth Control

The Challenge

The Exeltis team engaged Spark Growth to promote and educate audiences about the benefits of Slynd®, an estrogen-free oral contraceptive with a 24-hour window to catch up on a missed pill.

Exeltis identified specific at-risk groups that could benefit from using Slynd® over other oral contraceptive formulations that contain estrogen such as those with pre-existing high blood pressure conditions, which includes younger smokers and people who vape.

Through working with Exeltis, our team learned for the first time that most birth control pills, which contain estrogen, are not considered safe for women who smoke or vape. Not only did we believe that it was an ethically important message to spread for public knowledge, but we also believed it was compelling enough for people to watch and share with others organically since it’s not yet a well-known fact.

The Action

Our team developed an educational animated video titled “Is It Safe To Smoke or Vape While on Birth Control? The Hidden Risks of Estrogen” that aimed to teach viewers about the risks associated with increasing their estrogen intake if they have pre-existing high blood pressure and/or want to continue their use of nicotine-containing products.

The initial idea first came from social listening. We noticed the rising popularity of animated educational videos on YouTube, and simultaneously the idea was easy to execute without hiring live-action talent for a costly and time-consuming video shoot.

After its educational message, the video also presents Slynd® as a viable alternative option to estrogen-containing oral contraceptives for those at risk and who wish to continue opting for this form of birth control.

The video required the Spark Growth team to walk the fine line between warning viewers about the risks associated with the continued usage of nicotine-containing products without either justifying their usage or alienating the viewer by blaming them for their lifestyle choices. Instead, we emphasized that Slynd® is a viable option for their lifestyle while making a point to acknowledge the risks associated with nicotine-related habits. By doing this, Spark Growth was able to position Slynd® as a suitable option for a variety of lifestyles, one of the product’s key features.

The Results

By sponsoring the video on YouTube, Spark Growth was able to use the video to drive conversions to Slynd®’s website and boost the brand’s visibility.

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The video amassed over 326,968 views in three weeks at the cost of $0.07 per view over a period of 45 days.

It also achieved a 22.76% lower CPC and a 6.15% lower CPM than the account’s total average during the same 45-day period.

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12.66% of these viewers tuned in for the entire ~4-minute video, and 20.24% of viewers were retained for 50% of the video’s total watch time.

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The video drove 51 viewers to subscribe to the Slynd® YouTube channel and amassed 103 organic shares.