Promoting Slynd® Birth Control Through Influencer Marketing

The Challenge

The Exeltis team engaged Spark Growth to generate brand awareness and establish trust amongst consumers about Slynd®, the company’s unique birth control pill that with an innovative formulation that made it the first estrogen-free oral contraceptive to offer a 24-hour missed pill window.

The Action

To reach Exeltis’ target demographics, introduce them to Slynd®, and educate them on the benefits of estrogen-free birth control, we wanted to hire influencers who were actually invested in the research behind Slynd® and could speak to it with authority. Based on that, we decided on a team of healthcare professionals, particularly OB-GYNs, who already had an interest in birth control and in prescribing birth control to patients.

These were not easy to find, but through significant research using influencer search tools and manually scouring the followers of OB-GYNs, our team created a targeted list of healthcare professionals who had amassed loyal followings of our intended audience segments on Instagram.

Spark Growth then narrowed down this list and reached out to influencers who we evaluated as highly aligned authorities who could best deliver authentic messaging to relevant audiences.

We have since expanded into the lifestyle influencer market due to its initial successful performance.

We recognized that influencers know how to engage with their audiences and deliver a message in their own authentic voice, but we still needed to convey very specific messages with exact language that had been pre-approved by Exeltis’ regulatory and compliance department. We created and developed comprehensive briefs and mood boards, provided peer-reviewed research, and created ongoing communication channels with each influencer on a one-to-one basis to instruct them on how to create their content while remaining within strict FDA guidelines. In addition, each influencer received training on how to follow these procedures.

The Results

Our ongoing management of influencers and quick response time was appreciated by influencers and their agents, who had not often worked with strict FDA regulations before.

We boosted these posts as part of our social ad campaigns to new audiences as well, and they have historically garnered the highest click-through rates and lowest cost per click! The authentic content itself was invaluable to our efforts, and the additional exposure from their existing followers was a bonus.

With the influencer-generated content, Spark Growth was able to…

Influencer Marketing & Engagement icon, a Spark Growth service

Generate 8,196 organic post reactions across the influencer’s posts.

impressions icon

Reach 5,335,763 users by using influencer-generated content as paid ads on Instagram, which generated a total of 518 shares, 1373 saves, and 270 comments.