Social Media Marketing

What makes Spark Growth’s social media marketing approach unique

Everything we do starts with a strategy that maps to your business objectives.

We believe that marketing on social media just for the sake of doing it, without furthering your business goals, is a waste.

We build a solid foundation by intimately understanding your core audience, identifying where they are online and the messages that resonate with them there, and building a social media approach that ultimately drives leads and sales.

  • Generate buzz around a new launch
    Whether it’s a new product, feature, or business, start it off on the right foot
  • Establish brand credibility
    No one trusts a broken website and a social media page with 10 followers
  • Get more leads
    Expand your email list of potential customers, talent, franchisees, or partners
  • Increase sales revenue
    Invest in an expert ads team experienced in driving real returns on your budget

SIO, Our Proprietary Advantage

We set and achieve actionable business goals for our clients using our proprietary Social Intelligence Optimization (SIO) tool to measure and optimize content performance. Our Social Intelligence Optimization tool collects, categorizes and analyzes datasets to help us make thoughtful social media decisions for your brand.

Our Social Media Marketing Offerings

Strategy icon, a Spark Growth service

Platform Strategy
Develop a social media strategy for the optimal platforms for your audience

Influencer Marketing & Engagement icon, a Spark Growth service

Influencer Marketing
Boost exposure by identifying key influencers in the brand space and creating a strategy to reach out to them

Creative icon, a Spark Growth service

Content Creation
Ideate and execute visuals and copy that will drive results

Social media landscape analysis icon, a Spark Growth service

Social Landscape Analysis
Surveilling the digital space for keywords, topics, and customer sentiment relevant to your brand

Paid Social icon, a Spark Growth service

Paid Media (Social, Programmatic, Google)
Strategic multi-channel campaigns, ongoing optimization and A/B testing

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UX Optimization
Create optimized websites and landing pages to create strong campaigns and maximize conversions

Animated Videos
Capture your audience’s attention with dynamic video content that entertains and educates

Social Video Production
Produce Instagram and TikTok videos that tap into trending topics within your industry

Looking to amplify your brand through executive digital influence?

Our Influential Executive service offering takes executive social media marketing to the next level.

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