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Franchise Digital Marketing Agency

We’ll give you the first and most important secret to growing a franchise with digital marketing:
Digital marketing must be centralized, or franchisees will accidentally be competing against themselves, raising costs.


Growing Little Kickers ad ROI by over 70%

Little Kickers, Spark Growth franchise marketing client

Spark Growth was hired to execute a franchise social media marketing program to increase registrations at the flagship branch in the UK, comprising almost 100 individual franchises.

International franchises in 32 countries

Multiple locations within each country

Early education

Mission to get young children involved in sports

Action & Results

Launched and managed ads on a national level

Increased purchases by 341% within 6 months

Waiting lists grew longer, helping retention as spots became scarce

Established an organized parent-child structure for the hundreds of scattered accounts across social media

Achieved from 4x to 30x Return on Ad Spend across multiple countries

What the founder & chairman for a global franchise had to say about Spark Growth

Spark Growth created very targeted campaigns that yielded strong results in both franchise inquiries and class sales. Their approach is very analytical and their team has a broad range of in-depth expertise which we feel it would be impossible to replicate in-house with our budgetary limitations. They have done a fantastic job understanding our business and creating very targeted campaigns which have driven strong results in terms of franchise inquiries and class sales.

— Christine Kelly, Founder & Chairman for Little Kickers Group

We drive business growth and increase profit for local and corporate franchise owners

Drive purchases or registrations at the local franchise level

Ensure ads don’t compete with other franchisees

Increase customer retention and repeat purchases

Kickstart new franchises with a Booster package

Attract new franchisees with our proven marketing strategy at well below market rates

Develop geotargeted ads and allocate spend for each franchise location at well below market rates

Simplify social media properties and profiles to create a stronger customer experience

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