FitVine Wine

FitVine Wine

Driving sales through grocery retailers and eCommerce



FitVine Wine, a wine for the health conscious, has grown quickly over the last 2 years, but had begun to saturate its core audience and was experiencing declining performance in its Paid Media program. Spark Growth was asked to develop a strategy to turn performance around, and identify approaches and channels to drive continued growth.



Percent increase in RoAS on new campaigns


store locations promoted nationwide


percent return on ad spend in SEM ads



  • Launched, managed and optimized ads to drive in-store foot traffic and Fitvine Wine sales at retailers across the country, including Whole Foods, Kroger’s, and Central Market
  • Identified the need to find new audiences and targeting methods, along with new creative and messaging, to gain exposure to and convert target consumers outside the existing saturated audience
  • Launched a Search Engine Marketing program to capitalize on health-conscious wine-related searches and develop another high performing advertising channel for eCommerce sales



  • Facebook paid media is currently the sole social channel being used to successfully drive millions in monthly revenue through the retail channel
  • Identified new core audiences to use as the account foundation which see an 80% higher ecommerce RoAS than account average
  • Expanded branded and unbranded e-commerce search campaigns, maximizing impression share while achieving over 3.5x return on ad spend
SEM, Social Media