Making a Splash during the Competitive Holiday Season



Leading up to the important holiday sales season, just-launched brand FABRIQ wanted to make a splash in the competitive retail market and engage with an audience of millennials to promote their smart speaker. They tapped Spark Growth to develop and manage a full-cycle marketing campaign that would highlight the product’s versatility and drive measureable results.



Facebook Impressions


reach on instagram


  • Build a multifaceted social media marketing campaign to maximize reach and engagement among a qualified audience, ultimately driving conversions.
  • Create a unique targeting, visual asset and messaging strategy for the holiday season and amplify content with paid on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Engage both micro and larger-scale influencers to promote FABRIQ to an authentically engaged fan base.



  • Received 2.18 million Facebook impressions.
  • Drove 27K visits to the FABRIQ website.
  • Received reach of 2.42 million and over 68,803 engagements on Instagram.
  • Generated 138 sales using influencer promo codes.
Social Media