Export Tax Management

Export Tax Management

Increasing Search Visibility to Drive New Business



Export Tax Management has a niche business that helps exporters save money on Federal Taxes. Their previous SEM campaigns were not achieving desired results and were largely ineffective. Export Tax Management turned to Spark Growth to targeting their audience more efficiently, determining what calls to action were most likely to drive results and creating a campaign that ultimately saw more conversions for less cost.



Percent increase in yearly revenue


times return on investment


times increase in advertising CTR



  • Reviewed their current strategy and identified key issues
  • Defined their key audience and performed competitive research to develop strategy
  • Established effective conversion tracking on the website to determine which ads generate referrals, and  coordinated with the client around each contact submission, to determine which ads are leading to actual revenue
  • Tracked website visitors who interacted with the website via pdf downloads or specific page visits and targeted them with tailored content if they initially failed to convert



  • Increased advertising Click Through Rate (CTR) by more than 32x
  • 12x Return on Investment (ROI) through the first 6 weeks of the campaign
  • Since campaign launch, the company has seen yearly revenue increase of more than 30%