Cisco Stealthwatch

Promoting Visibility of and Sparking Interest in the Stealthwatch Product



Network visibility is an extremely important and sometimes overlooked aspect of cyber security. Cisco engaged Spark Growth to spread awareness for Stealthwatch, a comprehensive network monitoring and analytics product, and to ultimately drive potential clients down the acquisition funnel. Spark Growth established the Guardians of the Network campaign to gain behind the scenes insight into the Stealthwatch product, and to further establish Cisco as a thought leader in network security.


organic impressions


total organic traffic



  • Strategized and activated the Guardians of the Network campaign concept, aiming to shed light on the staff who help keep clients safe from cyber attacks
  • Organized and executed an office photoshoot to capture behind-the-scenes snapshots of the Stealthwatch staff
  • Interviewed and crafted unique profiles for each employee to be featured on the Guardians of the Network landing page
  • Generated engaging social content across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote the campaign



  • 71,224 organic impressions
  • 3,961 total organic traffic to the Guardians web page
  • Guardians of the Network content made up 9 of 10 most engaged posts on the Lancope social pages over duration of the campaign
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