Bixler’s Jewelers


Developing a strong online presence and driving in store sales



Bixler’s owns over 20 jewelry stores throughout Canada and the United States, and recently moved the majority of their marketing efforts to digital platforms. They own over 15 franchises of a major jewelry chain, and are not permitted to sell their products through an e-commerce store. The challenge is driving store traffic, emphasizing their strong in-store experience to compete with the e-commerce presence of major competitors.



Percent greater search CTR than industry average


Percent greater display CTR than industry average


percent decrease in CPC across new campaigns



  • Implemented an SEM program that is unique for each store, showcasing all products, emphasizing the in-store experience and encouraging users to visit the store.
  • Designed product and store specific landing pages to improve user experience, ad quality score, and ultimately drive in store visits.
  • Setup conversion tracking around actions that indicate intent to visit the store, such as phone calls and map clicks.
  • Implement bid strategies to target users most likely to convert, to decrease CPC and increase conversions.
  • Retarget users who have visited the website, but are still searching for related products to educate them about products and promotions.



  • More budget and bidding control, and higher ad relevance scores with new granular structure.
  • Display campaign YoY CTR improvement of over 340%.
  • Display campaign YoY CPC decrease of 50%.
  • Account YoY CTR increase of over 24%.
Analytics, Email Marketing, SEM, Social Media, Strategy, Website