Beranbaum Menken

Beranbaum Menken

Identifying and Engaging Audience Segments with the Greatest Value



Beranbaum Menken offers services across multiple legal practices and needed to identify the most cost effective use of their online ad spend to drive new business. Spark Growth created a search engine marketing campaign to segment the specific services offered, each with unique targeting strategies, to identify top performers and ultimately develop an on-going strategy to maximize ROI based on campaign results.



percent Ad Conversion Rate


percent increase in web traffic


percent increase in client contacts from the website



  • Segments the practices into unique ad groups
  • Researched keywords to determine costs and budget allocation among ad groups
  • Collaborated the client to determine the average value of a lead from each section and developed an effective budget allocation with this in mind
  • Set up effective conversion tracking to determine top performing ads, and coordinating with the client to determine which ads are driving actual revenue
  • Adjusted the strategy to focus on the ad groups with the greatest ROI



  • Increased web traffic by more than 30%
  • Achieved ad conversion rates of more than 10%
  • Drove a 30% increase in client contacts from the website