Meet Our Soulmate…The Internet

Congratulations—you’ve survived yet another Valentine’s Day! Another year of scrolling through seemingly endless declarations of love and smooching couples on Instagram. But we at Spark Growth would be remiss if we didn’t show just as much love to the world wide web’s favorite anti-holiday, Singles Awareness Day! And what better way to celebrate than by honoring the true love-of-our-lives—The Internet. Whether you’re single, hitched, or somewhere in between, we’re sharing our greatest digital loves with you for a post-Valentine’s Day reprieve.

  1. I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy.


This lovable fluff nugget of a gif is brought to you by Larissa, HR Manager extraordinaire. It just so happens that she also has a fur-ball of her own who accompanies her to the office everyday. We may or may not have made this a stipulation in her contract.

  1. Never gonna give you up. EVER.

Executive Director of Social Media Lauren, upon hearing that the Rick Roll was dead, shouted from the top of her lungs, “Rick! Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.” So, we let her have this one.

  1. Cheesy puffs are a dog’s best friend.

Digital Marketing Analyst Andy is just one of the many dog people in this office. And sorry ladies, his heart already belongs to this gif.

  1. We’ve all been this dog.


The two greatest loves in Strategist Laura’s life are cupcakes and Australian Shepherds. So what do you get when you combine the world’s tastiest treat with an Aussie internally battling temptation? The perfect digital romance, that’s what.

  1. Stewie will smother you. With love?


Our Digital Strategist Nan has a thing for evil babies into world domination. From profile pics, to screen backdrops, everything’s coming up Stewie in Nan’s world. We’ll let you figure out who she dressed up as for Halloween.



Roy, our designer, loves this vid like cupid loves to shoot things. Nothing’s bringing him down as long as He-Man’s in town.

  1. More cat, more love.


It’s common knowledge that the longer the cat, the more love they have to give. So it’s no surprise that Jenn, our lead Designer, chose Long Cat to give her love to on this special day.

  1. The Learning-How-to-Smile-Again-Post-Brace-Face emoji:


For Quincy, a Content Strategist, it was love at first grimace. This anxious yellow circle face spoke to her as a beacon of hope to her inner awkward teenager. What’s not to love about that?

  1. The Face Swap that sunk a thousand ships:


Nothing tugs on Suzanne’s heartstrings like a Face Swap gone horribly awry. On this very special day, this very special copywriter will be spending some quality time with her album of stolen Snapchat screenshots of her coworkers.  

  1.  Is a Grumpy Cat capable of love?


Grumpy Cat may be the world’s most pessimistic creature, but Content Strategist Emily is giving him a shot. We’re confident that once he feels all the love she has to give, we’ll get a purr out of this kitty in no time.

Stay tuned for more digital love coming your way. Happy Singles Awareness Day!