Now is the time to amplify your online sales

We have already succeeded in boosting our clients’ digital marketing strategies and social media campaigns to adapt to the pandemic, driving a 2-30x return on their ad spend even during this tumultuous time.

In fact, there are unique opportunities to take advantage of lower social media advertising costs right now. Invest in acquiring new customers at 50% the usual cost!

Your business needs to transform. And now we’re ready to help you do the same, on the platform that best suits your needs.

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    After transitioning our clients to digital marketing, we got them…

    Paid Social icon, a Spark Growth service

    30.5x RoAS on social media ads
    for a children’s soccer class

    eCommerce icon

    $1.73 Cost per Add to Cart
    on $150 e-Commerce product

    Influencer Marketing & Engagement icon, a Spark Growth service

    1,611 page likes garnered
    from 1 week of brand awareness ads

    Paid Social icon, a Spark Growth service

    14x RoAS on social media ads
    for an online glasses retail website

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