Spark Growth Knows How to Grow Franchises

Little Kickers is an international children’s football franchise in 32 countries, with a mission to get young children involved in sports.
Spark Growth was hired to execute a social media program to increase registrations at their flagship branch in the UK. With almost 100 individual franchises, marketing of additional branches was subject to results in the UK. The results were astonishing.
Spark Growth built brand awareness, improved engagement on social media, and launched ads. These efforts created such a buzz that waiting lists started to form, which in turn helped retention because spots became scarce. Little Kickers decided to parlay the momentum into other locations and within 6 months, Spark Growth facilitated growth and profitability of each country franchise.

We Grew Little Kickers Revenue by Increasing Ad ROI by Over 70%

Spark Growth’s approach is very analytical and their team has a broad range of in-depth expertise which we feel it would be impossible to replicate in-house with our budgetary limitations. They are also very responsive and great to work with!



We Drive Business Growth and Increase Profit for Local and Corporate Franchise Owners

  • Drive registrations and purchases at the local franchise level
  • Attract new franchisees with our proven marketing strategy at well below market rates
  • Kickstart new franchises with a Booster package
  • Simplify social media properties and profiles to create a stronger customer experience
  • Ensure franchisee ads don’t compete
  • Develop geo-targeted ads and fairly allocate marketing spend for each franchise location with our proven marketing strategy at well below market rates
  • Increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchases

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