Food, fashion, and home are among the most popular board categories on Pinterest. If you’ve ever checked them out, you are sure to have witnessed the “I want these!” comments. It’s no secret that users want to own what they pin. Lucky for them, Pinterest will soon be granting their wishes. Pinterest announced that by the end of June, users would start to see a blue “Buy it” button next to the regular “Pin it” button (1). While pins have always been linked to websites, they haven’t always been e-commerce or retailer sites. This has made it difficult for users to find and buy the products they pin. Pinterest wants to improve the user experience by shortening the time it takes between initial product discovery and purchase (2). With the use of the Buy button, users will be able to buy directly...

Just yesterday, Google+ and Twitter unveiled two changes to their service that impact individuals who work with social media strategy: Google+ vanity URLs and Twitter photo preview in feeds. Social media offerings and features are always in flux, but here’s why we’re excited about these two small tweaks.

social_media_circle_nobckgdThe social media landscape is ever-evolving, with networks dying as quickly as they’re born. Similarly, the features on some networks change at the drop of a hat. With Facebook, for example: today it’s cover photos, but who knows what we’ll have this January. The best social media strategies adapt to these frequent feature changes.

The number one thing that you should consider when choosing a social network is the community around it and not the features it has: is your target demographic using it? If not, why are you? Social media is not one-way. It’s about listening as much as it is sharing.

Your product or service will also impact the social networks and services you choose to integrate into your social media strategy. For example, a jewelry creator with beautiful snapshots of necklaces (or a cake designer with gorgeous fondant designs) would find an easier following on Pinterest than a copywriting consultancy with sample copy snippets.

Lastly, remember that while social media is a key component of your overall strategy, there’s no replacement for a strong core site: keep your home tidy first.

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