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blogBlogging is one of the best ways to engage with your audience, encourage brand loyalty and help inspire confidence in new customers. Everyone—organizations, universities, professionals and businesses of all shapes and sizes—will get a boost from sharing thoughts, product news and helpful advice with online communities. Are you blogging, but not sure if what you’re doing is effective? Ask yourself the following:

Am I blogging regularly? “Regularly” might mean different things to different bloggers, but about a blog anywhere from several times per week to every other week is a good frequency range. With a blog, remember that you’re not trying to capture everyone’s attention, but rather focus on giving your target audience useful information. If you have the time to create a solid blog every day, by all means go ahead and do it! If you can’t, however, try to create something of value at least on a regular schedule. Blogging done right can enhance your online visibility.

Is it useful to my readers? Ask yourself, why would someone come to my website? What might they want more information about? What common questions do I receive about my product or service? Remember that you don’t need to stick to writing explicitly about your product’s new features or a new service you’re offering. A blog is not the place to sell directly to customers but to give them information that inspires confidence in your company/organization and helps answer their questions. If you’re an artist or professional, you can talk about trends and news in your field. Schools can talk about larger issues in education that might affect readers. Share customer stories or show the many uses of a special product you make (say, recipes). The sky’s the limit.

Am I sharing it with users? Amplify your blogging efforts by posting to your social networks and notifying readers who may have missed your post in a newsletter. Reposting is good, too; many of the stories and articles you read may be weeks old but, because they were reposted somewhere online, you were able to discover and enjoy them.

A blog is a company’s voice and often primary way to connect with customers. Educate, inform, entertain—just don’t bore readers. Keep it professional, short and focused and you’re on your way to crafting a better business blog.

If you’re still unsure if you’re getting the most out of your blogging, a more detailed and custom-made consultation with us is just an email or phone call away. Schedule a 1-on-1 in the new year to see how we can help!

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