Meet the Team

Elissa Liu

Founder & CEO


Lauren Karasek

Chief Strategy Officer

Funny Girl

Jennifer Olympia Yim

Lead Designer

Serious Girl

Larissa Abreu

HR Manager

Viva Vicky

Emily Clinton

Social Media Manager

The Real Slim Shady

Andrew Rose

Digital Marketing Analyst

Teeny Tiny Bit Fancy Guy

Laura Maurer

Senior Social Media Manager

Coolest Cat

Zach Berger

Social Media Manager

Seinfeld Trivia Expert

Seymour Wood

Paid Media Manager

How big are the waves?

Cheryl Henry

Finance Manager

Wishing You and Yours Well

Roy Button

Graphic Designer

Sailor Moon Enthusiast

Sana Ahmed

Digital Marketing Analyst Intern

Geek Extraordinaire

Jennifer Nguyen

HR & Administration Intern

Gilmore Girls Fanatic

Vicky Abreu

Assistant HR Manager

Employee Relations Specialist

Andrew Fried

Founding Partner Emeritus

Let’s Chat

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Awesome McAwesome

Wow So Cool

Nan Wang

Digital Marketing Strategist

Supply Chain Nanager

Wenshan Lu

Digital Marketing Intern

Say Cheese!

Suzanne Gardynik

Digital Media & Community Manager

  Om nom nom

Julia Pyo

Copywriting Intern

Harry Potter Connoisseur

Larissa Abreu

HR Manager

Viva Vicky

Eric Chiu

Office Administration Intern

Self-Proclaimed Foodie

Anna Russell

Office Manager

AKA Lily Potter

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We’re a growing team with big ideas, and we’re looking to take things to the next level.