Establishing a New Channel for Customer Acquisition



PayPerks relies heavily on partnerships for their customer acquisition. Typically using direct mail to reach their audience, they were looking to expand their customer base using online platforms, bypassing the need for partnerships to grow their brand. The goal of this campaign was to determine the customer acquisition cost required to encourage specific card holders to sign up for the PayPerks platform.


percent lower than cost per conversion benchmark achieved


percent of ad conversion rates reached



  • Established ad groups for each major card holder audience serviced by PayPerks on both SEM and Facebook
  • Performed target audience and keyword research to reach the right audience, determine expected costs and allocate budget among ad groups
  • Set up effective conversion tracking to determine top performing ads, ad groups, and platforms, both for creating a user account and linking their account to a relevant card
  • Optimized ad groups identified most effective platforms to leverage in an on-going strategy



  • Achieved Cost Per Conversion up to 75% lower than benchmark
  • Earned ad group conversion rates ranging from 10-20%
Analytics, SEM, Social Media