Laurence Bruyninckx

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Jewelry That Tells A Story


Laurence Bruyninckx was founded in 2014. A Belgium based jewelry company, It separates itself from other jewelry brands by its commitment to pushing the boundaries of customary rings. Bruyninckx’s vision is simple – allow a person’s jewelry to reflect new developments in their lives. This is accomplished by the use of interlocking rings, adding another dimension to the ring that stands out. Laurence Bruyninckx strives to give its clients the ability to tell stories through jewelry. To do this, Bruyninckx saw a place for her desire of mixing and matching rings together.


Something That Can Last A Lifetime


LX wants to help people tell unique stories. Giving customers complete freedom to choose, mix, and match jewelry, LX wants to stand out from the rest of the jewelry crowd. Whether it is marriage, having children, or momentous accomplishments – LX can help you reflect those events in your jewelry.

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