Devotion Diamonds

Devotion Diamonds

Establish a Compelling National Brand Presence through Our Newly Formed Partnership



With the addition of several key retail locations across the country and the continued growth of the brand, Devotion faced the challenge of extending their already-strong foothold in regional markets to the rest of the nation. In order to better support their partners and boost nationwide sales, Devotion tapped Spark Growth to create a comprehensive digital strategy that would boost national brand awareness and affinity and drive foot traffic to retail locations across the country.



Percent growth in facebook audience


million social impressions


increase in email open rate



  • Construct a compelling digital persona across digital platforms, and establish an ever-growing community of loyal and engaged fans of the Devotion brand.
  • Create relevant, resonant content, amplified by strategic targeting and cross-channel activations.
  • Organize, execute, and strategically integrate video assets into Devotion’s content mix.



  • Increased Facebook following by over 350%
  • Boosted Devotion’s email open rate by over 40%.
  • Reached over 3 million brand impressions via a 10-week integrated video marketing campaign across channels.
Social Media, Website